Beautiful Apartment Clean and comfortable ..Cooking facility is perfect ..Staff very friendly .. Would stay here again

Suzy O’Brien -

Keseluruhan mengenai bilik memang puas hati terbaik sangat2 bersih dan selesa bersama anak2..jika ada rezeki akan booking lagi…

Ramli Azhar - Two-Bedroom Apartment

Overall is over my expectations 🤩 i get the upper level 49/58 and the KLCC view 😍😍 but i hope the owner will improve on the bed sheet bcs the bed sheet is unsatisfactory ☹️ but nvm , for me it still oky n the most important things is the owner is very humble 👍🏻 will repeat soon !!!! ☺️☺️

Athirah Yaacob - Two-Bedroom Apartment

Comfortable and nice interior. A secure place. Equipped with Netflix, wifi and washing machine, very convenient. The parking was too narrow. It was very hard to manoeuvre the car from one level to another. Would be more convenient if the parking is on the lower level / offer valet parking. Please drive a small car if you want to come here.

Fatin Nabilah - Two-bedroom Apartment